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The Home Inspection Process

The Home Inspection Process

Seller Accepts Offer / Option Period

• Once the home is in the option period you will need to get the inspection scheduled ASAP.
• Most inspectors are booked a couple days out or even up to two weeks out depending on the time of year.
• Houston's strong housing market has kept the home inspection industry fairly consistent in terms of price, so don't waste too much of your limited time on getting tons of quotes.
• My advice is to trust your gut and go with the inspector that seems to care the most.
• All home inspectors will have you sign a pre-inspection agreement contract prior to the home inspection so don't be alarmed.

The Home Inspection

• The home inspection will last at least 3 hours.
• Be present if you can, but it's not required.
• Be prepared to take some time off work if you are there.
• If you are there try to give the inspector space while he or she works.
• The inspector will talk with you at the end about the inspection results.
• Remember the inspector will not tell you everything, that's what the report is for.
• The inspector will strictly follow the Standards of Practice established by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) when performing a home inspection.

The Inspection Report

• The inspector's product in his report, not his words.
• Don't get too hung up on something an inspector tells you, wait for the report before reacting.
• Sometimes verbal tones or gestures can be misinterpreted if you are unfamiliar with the inspector.
• The report is usually delivered to clients via email within 24 hours.
• You can always call the inspector if you have questions.

Example Report

• Pay attention to the meaning of “I, NI, NP, D”.
Example Report
• Notice the Foundation has been marked “D” for “Deficient” but the foundation is still performing and doing it what it is suppose do at the time of the inspection.
• The inspector is required to give his or her opinion in regards to the performance of the foundation.

What are Deficiencies?

• You're going to see deficiencies on every home you buy, old and new.
• Your inspector will help you understand your deficiencies and what they mean.
• Inspectors use different font colors. Ignore the colors and read what the report says.
• Some reports will have summary pages and others will not. Don't only read the summary, read the entirety of the report.


• Your Realtor will help you negotiate repairs or a price adjustment if so you see fit, but it's better to not expect price reductions for every deficiency you see.

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