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Bank Draw Inspections

Imperial Pro provides residential Construction Bank Draw Inspection services to individual project owners, banks, and other financial institutions. Typically conducted on a monthly basis, our Construction Bank Draw Inspections include a site inspection to assist the lending institution in determining the appropriate release of construction funds.

Our inspection evaluates the accuracy of the draw request, construction phase completion, stored materials on site, and that all construction work is in place per the plans and specifications prior to the release of funds.

Imperial Pro's Bank Draw Inspection reports include the information obtained during the inspection including:

• General description of the project
• Current status of the construction process including comments on each phase of construction
• Completion schedule/Timeline
• Quality of work/Conditions/Concerns
• Change orders
• Stored material
• Verification of permits, zoning, licenses, taxes, and insurance or bonding for the project and contractor
• Payment recommendations
• Job site pictures

Why Imperial Pro?

Lenders & Owners

We protect the interests of our clients with draw inspections by our licensed inspectors. Our inspections help prevent problems and save you time and money. And by offering customized draw schedules, we are ready and able to meet the needs of your project to include sticking to timelines, staying on budget and ensuring quality outcomes.

Quality & Fast Turnarounds

We offer the highest quality inspection services for banks, financial institutions and owners. The level of details in our reports enables our clients to keep accurate and up-to-date records which allows them to respond appropriately to any issue, question or concern about construction draws. Also, since most projects are time sensitive, reports are usually emailed within 24 hours of an inspection.

Customized Reports

We will collect site data and create your report based on your requirements and specifications to ensure that it fits your needs.

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