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Renters Inspections

Most rental properties have been neglected for many years and sometimes that property may no longer be safe for you and your family. Not only could safety be an issue, but you could also be held at fault for issues with a home, even if those issues were present long before you signed your lease. Its time to start looking beyond cosmetic issues only and have your rental home inspected. Don't get blindsided, tenants should have their homes inspected by Imperial Pro Inspection annually to have credible documentation of the condition of their rental home.

Imperial Pro will work exclusively and objectively on your behalf.

The Cost

Imagine the cost of hiring a licensed electrician, plumber, HVAC technician, roofing company, etc to come out annually to inspect your rental home for issues. Not only would it cost into the thousands, but they would be more inclined to find problems that are profitable for them to repair. Imperial Pro Inspection LLC is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and is not allowed to repair any properties that the company inspects. Because Imperial Pro is in the business of inspecting and not in the business of repairing you can be assured that we are working exclusively and objectively on your behalf. Hire Imperial Pro for a fraction of the cost to protect yourself and your family.

Imperial Pro is proudly veteran owned and operated by Neil Arnold TREC# 23450.

Why Imperial Pro

The most affordable premium inspections in Houston
• Rapid reporting – averages 24 hours or less!
• Free thermal imaging with every home inspection
• Pool/Spa Inspector Certified
• Veteran owned and operated
• General and E&O liability insurance for your protection
• Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission